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Wooden Blinds in Pakistan

AEC Interiors offers high-quality Wooden Blinds in Karachi, Pakistan. We are the leading manufacturer of wooden blinds in Pakistan. Our Wooden Blinds give a more aesthetic look to your interior.

What are Wooden Window Blinds?

These type of blinds are the same as Venetian or horizontal blinds. But, their strips are made of wood instead of aluminum or PVC.

There are two strip/slot sizes of Wooden Blinds in Pakistan, 25mm and 50mm. Wood blinds of 25mm slots suit better for small windows.

Recently Vertical Wooden Blinds in Pakistan were introduced, but they are not durable, as their slots hang from the top channel and collapse each other.

Wooden Window Blinds are made in basswood and factory polished. But other cheap wooden sticker-based wood blinds are also available in Pakistan.

Wood Blinds five strips, and cord with nobs

Why choose Wooden Blinds for Windows?

Wood blinds give a more aesthetic and rich look to your interior. Indeed they are expensive, and therefore they give some expensive value to the area of your more important premises.

These blinds are the best option for a living room for a home interior. And if you plan to give a rich value to your CEO or director’s room, wooden window blinds are the right choice.

These blinds are the best insulator and have thermal properties.

Overall, these blinds are the best option for window treatments.

 Best Choice For 

  • Rich Aesthetic
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Lightning Effect
  • Durability

Application Area

  • Living Room
  • CEO Room
  • Director Room
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
Wooden Blinds Shade

Wooden Blinds Price in Pakistan

As blinds, raw materials are imported, and their rate is not fixed due to the dollar rate. But recently, wooden blinds prices in Pakistan have been from Rs.550 to Rs.650 Sqft.

wooden Blinds for Drawing Room

Wooden Blinds in Karachi

Shocking!!! Wooden blinds in Karachi are much cheaper

As we know, Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan. And all raw materials are direct import into Karachi. So Wooden Blinds price in Karachi is much less than in other regions of Pakistan.

Wooden Blinds price in Karachi is generally Rs.50 to Rs.80 Sqft less than in other regions.

As a Karachi-based company, we can provide you with high-quality wooden window blinds at the best competitive rate.

wooden Blinds for Living Room

Buy Wooden Blinds Near Me

Are you looking to buy wooden blinds near me? We provide wooden blinds online at your doorstep at the best rate.

To order wooden blinds online, please contact us. We provide free consultancy to choose the right blinds for you.

Wooden Blinds for Living Room

Wood Blinds Installation

Installation of these blinds is available in two ways, side bracket and direct fitting on the wall.

Side Bracket Fitting

If the side bracket is provided with blinds, then first mark the blind on the wall, then install pair of side brackets. Next, open the bracket and then put the blinds in it.

Install the valance on the top channel if provided.

Direct Fitting

Direct installation of the wall is very easy, and some holes are given to install. First, mark the blind channel hole. Then, after making a hole in the wall, fix the screw along with the blinds to the wall.

Install the valance on the top channel if provided.

For a free consultation and quotation feel free to contact Us.

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