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Window Blinds in Karachi, Pakistan​

AEC Interiors have all types of Window Blinds curtain with wide varieties. We offer the best window Blinds price in Karachi, Pakistan.

Windows dressing is an essential part of interior decoration. Window Blinds curtains are the best option for window coverings for homes and offices.

Window Blinds curtain design has changed a lot in recent years. Today, many options are available for blinds, including various materials and styles.

Therefore, we are always updating our niche’s new trendy, stylish blind designs.

Grey Horizontal Window Blinds with two showpiece

Types of Window Blinds in Karachi, Pakistan

Windows covering designs and styles vary for office interiors and home interiors. Therefore, it is necessary to consider it first to choose the right blinds type according to your interior design need. 

For example, Sheer Fabric Blinds will be the best choice for offices and showroom windows. 

And, Blackout Fabric Blinds will be the best choice for privacy, room darkening, and insulation.

Likewise, Venetian Blinds of Aluminum strips will be the best option for wet areas like Kitchen and bathrooms.

Here is the list of blinds types available in Karachi, Pakistan:

  1. Roller Blinds
  2. Vertical Blinds
  3. Wooden Blinds
  4. Venetian Blinds
  5. Bamboo Chicks Blinds 
Grey Roller Blinds mounted on Window
Roller Blinds
White Venetian Blinds mounted in a window along with showpiece Red Flower in a transparent glass bowl.
Venetian Blinds
White Vertical Blinds mounted on window background grey wall.
Vertical Blinds
Wood Blinds five strips, and cord with nobs
Wooden Blinds
Bamboo Chicks Blind mounted in white window
Bamboo Chicks Blinds

What Should You Consider Before Buying Blinds from Shop

Window Measurement

When buying blinds, you must know three primary measurements of your window: Window Height, Window Width, and Depth of Window.

The depth of the window will need when you need your blinds to be installed inside the window.

Light Shading

When buying Window Blinds curtains, consider light shading or light filtering and, light control. For example, some blinds let more light enter, and some blocks light.

Thermal Insulation

Buy window blinds curtain according to Karachi, Pakistan weather. Although Karachi, Pakistan, weather is primarily hot, you should consider your blinds according to it.

Window Blinds Price in Karachi, Pakistan

Window Blinds Price in Karachi, Pakistan, is flexible and varies due to imported material and the style of blinds. However, the most common material for making blinds is durable and expensive. 

Window Blind Prices in Karachi, Pakistan, are generally lower than in other countries. 

Depending on the blind’s style, material, and size, the cost can range from Rs 350/- Sqft to Rs 600/- Sqft.

For more detail about each Window Blinds Price in Pakistan, click each type of blind.

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Affordable Prices

At AEC Interiors, we get the best deals from manufacturers for our customers. For example, our Blinds are up to 20% cheaper than others. We offer affordable Window Blinds price in Pakistan.

Made in Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan’s climate is warm, and blinds must withstand the sun’s harsh rays. Therefore, our blind have been created by Pakistan standards and built to match local environments. Hence, our quality guarantee, ensures that your blinds will not fade or bend.

Resizing of Blinds

No problem! Our experienced resizing staff can make the right fit without damaging the fabric or structure.

Looking for ( Window Blinds Near Me )?

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For more info about windows blinds in Pakistan, visit Wikipedia.