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Dampa Ceiling Tiles

What is Dampa Ceiling?

A Dampa False Ceiling is a brand-name of Perforated Aluminum Metal Tile Ceiling. However, in Pakistan, it’s famous as Dampa Tile Ceiling. Nowadays, this brand is not imported into Pakistan However, some other brands, like, Douglas, are available.

It’s a suspended ceiling commonly used in commercial spaces and industrial applications. Its frame consists of suspended ceiling joints using wire hangers. Afterward, the frame is covered with a perforated metal panel. 

This ceiling system has clip-in tiles, so it’s easy to access each service point without dismantling the whole ceiling.

The perforated metal tile is specified with non-woven acoustic Black tissue inside, which can expect good sound absorption. In addition, the Black tissue can be set to reduce air movement and dust penetration through the perforation.

The metal ceiling tiles are made of high-quality aluminum plates with polyester powder coating paint.

It is a kind of excellent decorative material with lightweight, easy to fix, eco-friendly, etc.  

In the range of ceiling, the metal tile ceiling only uses for technical purposes instead of the aesthetic point. This type of ceiling is the best option when you consider the highly humid area and your focus on durability. This ceiling is a perfect choice for Data Centers, Control Rooms, Electrical rooms, Public Buildings, and heavy traffic zones.

White Aluminum Perforated Ceiling Tile

Why is the Dampa Ceiling in Pakistan used commercially?

Metal ceiling tiles have been getting good recognition as a superior decoration material for its multi advantages, such as,

  1. Fire Resistance
  2. Humidity Resistance
  3. Sound absorption
  4. Hygienical Condition
  5. Scratch resistance


  • Brand Name: Douglas
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: White
  • Available size: 600x600mm
  • Thickness: 0.7mm / 0.6mm
  • Perforation hole Size: 1.8 mm with 20% open 45-degree (Standard)

Physical Property

  • Surface: High-qualified powder painting
  • Smoke density grade: 8
  • Average smoke temperature: 111°C
  • Sound absorption coefficient: ISO 354
  • Certificate Standard : B S476, Part6, 1989, BS476, Part7,1971
  • ASTM E84-04

Dampa Ceiling Price in Pakistan​

Metal Tile Ceiling is an imported item, and due to dollar fluctuation, Dampa Tile Ceiling Price in Pakistan is not fixed. However, nowadays, the price is about Rs. 400 Sqft.

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