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Vertical Blinds in Pakistan

AEC Interiors provides the best vertical blinds in Pakistan. We are the leading manufacturer of Vertical Blinds in Karachi, Pakistan. We supply our high-quality Vertical Blinds in Pakistan online.

What is Vertical Blinds for Windows?

Vertical window blinds are a type of window covering made of vertical fabric louvers used for window dressing. 

It is best for big, elevation building windows and living room window treatment.

Vertical blinds for windows could be customized in size. They can create a visual barrier, such as keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting your privacy. It can adjust its position and angle to fit the needs. They come in many fabric types and shades, making them suitable for every window.

Vertical Blinds for Windows

Vertical Blinds Mechanism

Its mechanism consists of a metal channel with plastic runners. Louver fabric is attached with hangers and hangs on to runners, and all runners are connected with a cord. By pulling the cord, these runners move horizontally to open and close the blind.

Its channel is one side attached by a chain mechanism. It is controlled by a mechanism that tilts each louver altogether. This allows light to pass through the slats, depending on the position of the control and louver fabric shade.

It could be set in the center, opening for big windows.

Vertical Blinds for Windows

Automatic Vertical Blinds for Windows

It can be operated by remote control motorized system. AEC Interiors offer high-quality automatic vertical blinds in Pakistan.

Vertical Blinds for Windows

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

There are many benefits to using vertical window blinds, including controlling light and privacy. It can also help keep a room cooler in the summertime. Additionally, it provides an elegant appearance to any window. It is affordable for blinds for offices.


  • Affordable (economical)
  • Best for Big Windows
  • Substitute of Curtain
  • Easy to Clean


  • Out of Trend (fashion)
  • Maintenance required
  • Runners damage by the time
  • Louver hangers breaking

Vertical Blinds for Windows

Types of Vertical Blinds in Pakistan

Vertical window blinds style is like a curtain, so it is the best replacement for curtains. It uses for big windows like curtains, and its length goes down to the floor like a curtain. People make mistakes and make it by window size like other window blinds. 

Vertical Blinds Shade

There any many types of fabric and color shades available in these blinds.

  • Cotton Louvers
  • Polyester Louvers
  • PVC Louvers
  • Glass Fiber Louvers
  • Sun Block Louvers (PVC / Rubber coated fabric to block heat and sunlight)

Glass fiber louver is the best for sunlight block, anti-dust and thermal insulation, and fire resistance.

Commercial Use in

  • Bank
  • Building Elevation Windows
  • Showroom
  • Factories
  • Office Windows

Home Interior Use

  • Living Room
  • Patio door & Windows
  • All big windows

Vertical Blinds Price in Karachi

Vertical Blinds Price in Pakistan

Vertical Blinds price in Pakistan starts from Rs.250 Sqft to Rs.350 Sqft. These rates vary on fabric quality and dollar exchange rate.

We provide vertical blinds in Pakistan’s every region. For the Best vertical blinds price in Pakistan, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vertical Blinds Price in Karachi

Vertical Blinds price in Karachi starts from Rs.225 Sqft to Rs.325 Sqft. Comparatively, in other major cities of Pakistan, Vertical Blinds price in Karachi is slightly lower.

AEC Interiors is a Karachi-based company, so that we can offer unbeatable Vertical Blinds price in Karachi.

Price in Karachi

How to Clean Vertical Blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds is very easy. Remove the fabric louvers from the runners and put them into detergent water. After a couple of hours, wash them with clean water and soak them.

If you like vertical blind cleaning and repair services, then please get in touch with us. We provide the best vertical blinds cleaning service at your doorstep.

Price in Karachi

Buy Vertical Blinds near me

Are you looking to buy Vertical Blinds near me? AEC Interiors provide customized blinds at your doorstep.

You can order online vertical Blinds in Pakistan, So if you are finding Vertical Blinds near me, you will find us in just one call far. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Blinds price in Pakistan

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